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A multiplayer Atari 2600 emulator written in pure Java.
No external libs.

Load ROMs from disk with F5 or simply drag & drop ROM files or links from other websites!

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(In addition to the UI buttons)

P1 Controls: Arrow Keys / Space: Fire
P2 Controls: F,T,G,H / A: Fire
Alt + K: Swap P1<>P2 Controls
Alt + L: Connect/Disconnect Paddles
Alt + J: Toggle Joystick modes

Alt + ENTER: Toggle FullScreen
Alt + R: Toggle CRT modes
Alt + T: Toggle Filter
Alt + D: Toggle Debug modes
Alt + C: Toggle Collisions
Alt + V: Toggle NTSC/PAL
Alt + P: Toggle Pause
Alt + F: Next Frame (during Pause)
Alt + B: Cycle through ROM formats
Alt + G: Show info

F5: Load Cartridge from file
F6: Load Cartridge from URL
F7: Remove Cartridge
ALT + F5/F6: Load Cartridge without auto power on/off
Also Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste of ROM files and URLs

ALT + F1: Fry Console (quickly power off/on)

Ctr + 1-0: Save State
Alt + 1-0: Load State
F8: Save State Cartridge to file

Alt + HOME: DPC audio clock up
Alt + END: DPC audio clock down

Shft + Arrows: Screen Size
Backspace: Default Screen Size

TAB: Fast Speed